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NABL consultancy - NABL accreditation services, NABL training, NABL lab consultancy, Calibration training and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We majorly target customers from Aurangabad, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli, Nashik, Thane, Talegaon, Chakan, Sanaswadi, Ranjangaon, Pimpri, Chinchwad, Shirwal, Goa.

Welcome to Cal-Tech Calibration: Your Reliable Partner for NABL Accreditation and Calibration Services in Pune, Maharashtra, India

At Cal-Tech Calibration, we are committed to providing comprehensive NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) consultancy services that empower organizations to achieve accreditation, compliance, and excellence in testing and calibration. Whether you're seeking NABL accreditation, training, lab consultancy, or calibration services, we've got you covered.

NABL Accreditation Services - Why It Matters Credibility and Trustworthiness

NABL accreditation is a testament to your laboratory's commitment to quality and technical competence. It instills confidence in your clients, partners, and stakeholders, assuring them of the reliability and accuracy of your testing and calibration services.


NABL accreditation is a testament to your laboratory's commitment to quality and technical competence. It instills confidence in your clients, partners, and stakeholders, assuring them of the reliability and accuracy of your testing and calibration services.

Global Recognition

NABL accreditation is internationally recognized, opening doors to new opportunities and markets. It enhances your laboratory's reputation on a global scale, facilitating international collaborations and partnerships.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Accreditation ensures that your laboratory adheres to the highest industry standards, practices, and regulations. It guarantees the accuracy and integrity of your testing and calibration processes, contributing to the success of your operations.


NABL consultancy, Pune, India

Our NABL Accreditation Services

Accreditation Consultancy

Navigating the accreditation process can be complex. Our experienced NABL consultants guide you every step of the way. From document preparation to technical competency assessment, we ensure your laboratory is fully prepared for a successful accreditation journey.

Training Programs

Knowledge is paramount in achieving and maintaining NABL accreditation. We offer specialized training programs designed to equip your team with the necessary skills and understanding of NABL standards and requirements.

Documentation Support

Accurate and comprehensive documentation is crucial for accreditation. We provide expert guidance in developing, reviewing, and improving your laboratory's quality management system and documentation to meet NABL standards.

Internal Audits

Our internal audit services help you identify areas of improvement and non-conformance, allowing you to proactively address issues and maintain compliance with NABL requirements.

Technical Assessment

We assist in evaluating the technical competency of your laboratory staff, ensuring they meet the high standards set by NABL.

NABL Training - Why NABL Training Matters

Enhanced Competence

NABL training equips your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform testing and calibration activities with precision and confidence. This heightened competence contributes to the accuracy and reliability of your laboratory's results.

Regulatory Compliance

NABL accreditation requires strict adherence to international standards and regulations. Our training programs ensure that your team understands and complies with NABL guidelines, enhancing your laboratory's credibility and compliance.

Quality Assurance

Training fosters a culture of quality within your laboratory. It instills best practices, promotes a commitment to continuous improvement, and ensures that your team is well-prepared for the challenges of the accreditation process.

Our NABL Training Programs

NABL Documentation Training

Understanding and creating accurate documentation is fundamental to accreditation. Our training covers the development and management of documentation, ensuring that your laboratory's quality management system meets NABL standards.

Technical Competency Training

Technical competence is at the heart of NABL accreditation. Our training programs focus on the specific technical skills and knowledge required for your laboratory's scope of testing and calibration. We tailor our programs to your laboratory's needs, ensuring that your team can perform their tasks with precision.

NABL Consultancy, Pune, India

Quality Management System Training

A robust quality management system is key to accreditation success. We provide comprehensive training on developing, implementing, and maintaining a quality management system that aligns with NABL requirements.

Internal Auditor Training

Our internal auditor training prepares your team to conduct effective internal audits. This ensures that your laboratory identifies and addresses non-conformity and areas for improvement in compliance with NABL standards.

Awareness Programs

For those new to NABL accreditation, our awareness programs provide a foundational understanding of NABL's principles, standards, and processes.

NABL Lab Consultancy - The Importance of NABL Lab Consultancy

Excellence and Competence

NABL accreditation is a testament to your laboratory's commitment to quality, competence, and technical expertise. Our consultancy services are geared towards helping you achieve and sustain excellence in all aspects of your laboratory's operations.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with NABL standards and international regulations is paramount for accreditation. Our consultancy ensures that your laboratory operates within the framework of NABL requirements, reducing the risk of non-conformity and ensuring regulatory adherence.

Operational Efficiency

Efficiency in testing and calibration processes is key to maintaining competitiveness and client satisfaction. Our consultancy identifies areas for process improvement and optimization, enabling your laboratory to operate at peak efficiency.

Our NABL Lab Consultancy Services

Assessment and Gap Analysis

We conduct thorough assessments and gap analyses of your laboratory's operations, quality management systems, and technical competence. This helps identify areas that require improvement and provides a roadmap for achieving NABL accreditation.

Quality Management System Development and Enhancement

Our consultancy services assist in the development, implementation, and enhancement of your laboratory's quality management system (QMS) to meet NABL standards. We provide guidance on documentation, procedures, and best practices.

Technical Competence Evaluation

We assess the technical competence of your laboratory staff, ensuring that they meet the high standards set by NABL. Our evaluation includes proficiency testing and validation of testing and calibration methods.

NABL Consultancy, Pune, India

Internal Audit and Corrective Actions

Internal audits are a critical component of NABL compliance. We help your laboratory establish effective internal audit processes and support the implementation of corrective and preventive actions based on audit findings.

Documentation Support

Accurate documentation is essential for accreditation. Our consultancy services include guidance on developing, reviewing, and maintaining documentation that aligns with NABL requirements.

Our Calibration Services

Instrument Calibration

Our expert technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies to calibrate a wide range of measurement instruments, including:

  • Dimensional Instruments (Micrometers, Calipers)
  • Electrical and Electronic Instruments (Multimeters, Oscilloscopes)
  • Pressure and Vacuum Instruments (Pressure Gauges, Vacuum Gauges)
  • Temperature Instruments (Thermometers, Temperature Controllers)
  • Force and Torque Instruments (Force Gauges, Torque Wrenches)
  • NABL Consultancy, Pune, India
  • And many more...
  • On-Site and In-Lab Calibration
  • We offer the flexibility of both on-site and in-lab calibration services, catering to your specific needs. Our on-site services minimize downtime and disruptions to your operations, while in-lab calibration provides a controlled environment for precise measurements.

    Fast Turnaround

    We understand the importance of efficiency. Our calibration services are designed for quick turnaround to ensure minimal disruption to your workflow.

    Calibration Certificates

    We provide comprehensive calibration certificates and documentation to demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. These certificates serve as proof of the accuracy and reliability of your instruments.

    In addition to NABL consultancy, we offer a wide range of calibration services, including:

    Instrument Calibration

    Our expert technicians ensure the accuracy of your measurement instruments, providing reliable data for your testing and calibration activities.

    Calibration Training

    Equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to perform in-house calibration with confidence.

    Why Choose Cal-Tech Calibration for NABL Consultancy and Calibration Services?


    Our consultants and technicians have extensive experience and expertise in NABL accreditation and calibration services.

    Custom Solutions

    We tailor our services to your unique needs, ensuring that you achieve your specific goals and objectives.


    Our services align with NABL standards and regulatory requirements, guaranteeing the highest level of compliance.


    We offer efficient, streamlined processes to minimize disruptions to your operations.


    Our solutions are designed to provide maximum value while managing costs effectively.

    Comprehensive Support

    From consultancy and training to calibration, we offer a complete suite of services to meet all your quality and accreditation needs.

    Cal-Tech Calibration is your trusted partner for NABL accreditation, calibration, and training services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your journey towards accreditation, compliance, and excellence. Trust us to help you achieve your accreditation and quality assurance goals, ensuring your success and peace of mind.